TV & Film

Television - The A word - BBC - John Hardwick 

Television - Coronation street - ITV studios 

Television - Emmerdale - ITV Studios - Nickie Lister 

Feature - The Show - Phoenix Film Productions - James Alexandrou

Feature - Dementamania - GPS Studios - Kit Ryan 

Feature- How Not to Do - Courtyard Productions- Rupert Holloway 

Short - Baghdad cheetah - Kucklehead - Siri Bunford

Short - Tara, The Healer, Ben Rider 

Short- The Devils Dosh, Prostitute, Infidelis Productions- Zachary Guerra 

Short- Leg Man, Jelly Jel, Vastaman Productions- Vas Blackwood 

Short – Rael, Guardian Angel- Mindlapse Films- Camillo Natale



Henna Night - Hen and Chickens Theatre - Antonette Alexandrou 

The News - The Courtyard Theatre  London- Flo Bell 

Interrupts Stark Theatre- Jake Smith  

Thriller Live - Shaftesbury Theatre London  - Gary Lloyd 

Into The Woods- Cinderellas Stepmother- Urdang Academy- Graham Hubbard 

A Chorus Line - Crucible theatre Sheffield - Nikoli Foster 



Nescafe - Big Productions - Victor Carrey 

Gala Bingo - Chief Productions - Chris Cottam

Jet 2 - Chief Productions - Nate Camponi 

Strongbow - Rogue Films- Sam Brown 

Wells Bombardier - Kream London- Dan Zeff 

Canon - Mcgarry Bowen- Oliver Quinn

Boots No7- Pulse films/Thirty Two directors- Will lovelace

Stella Artois- Mother London- Johan Renck 

Hyundia ‘Eco Friendly’ CNN TV – Adrian Sech



Heat TV - Box Television - Chad Armstrong